Monday, July 29, 2013

Boy, has it been a while!

Sorry about that...things that I find might be blog-ful seem to filter through my mind like a sieve. Like, something happens and I think "gee, that could be in my blog," then a second passes, and bam! Gone from my head, usually never to return. Sigh.

Anyway, since my last post, there has been a new addition to our family. A goat. Yep. A goat. She's a pygmy named Gertrude, Gertie for short. She's pretty funny, and even goes on walks with the kids. Because the (human) kids, cat, and chickens weren't enough. 

Other than that, other than rehearsals for On Golden Pond in Portsmouth, NH, and several video auditions, there have been several beach days, and even a little surfing...!

Oh! There was a little indie film I was in...my first film experience...called Heavenly Angle. It filmed in NH a couple summers ago, written and directed by the same writer as On Golden Pond...and it's funny...I was so excited about filming this, that of course I had told everyone...and now it was a couple of years ago, so people now ask "Weren't you in some movie...?" 

I swear they think I made it up. Like a make believe boyfriend. This was a make believe movie part. 

BUT! It is being screened at the Woods Hole Film Festival this week! Yahoo! Thursday Jim and I are going on a little roadtrip to Cape Cod and checking out Heavenly Angle on a big screen! So, there. It's for real. I hope HD is not too scary to look at...