Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hey there!

Have you ever felt as though you were on the cusp of something but not sure what? Something big? Something positive?

That's where I am right now.

And there are many doubts, or gremlins, haunting me. Have you ever read Daring Greatly by Brene Brown? You should. I am fighting those gremlins back, and it's taking some strength. You know the ones…the ones that tell you you're imagining things, that you're being delusional, to hold on…brace yourself for the disappointment.

I have been fighting them off. It's hard work. Exhausting, really. But listening to them is useless.

Anyway…I stepped out of my comfort zone…by going to a networking event the other night. It turned out to be a positive experience, which was great. I met some great folks on the ride down, and a couple of new faces while there. And, I won a raffle prize! I won a tour of the new New England Studios. Yay me!

In between "jobs" right now, and I am not feeling the usual restlessness and "rut" I often find myself in when not actively working on a specific role. Again, back to that feeling of being on the cusp of something big. It's as though this is the calm before the storm. So, I am buckling down and working to tie up loose ends. And maybe actually stay ahead of the laundry situation in my house.

Have a great day! And don't let those gremlins get to you, okay?